Horseshoe Cross and Heart - Don't Be Duped

If you see a beautiful piece of welded metal art online at a low price that "seems too good to be true", it probably is. Quality, handcrafted metal art just simply isn’t cheap.

A prime example is a horseshoe cross and heart. Asian wholesalers are deceiving tons of people with their "too good to be true" priced horseshoe cross and heart, and if you've stumbled upon this blog, maybe you already found this out the hard way. If so, you have our sympathy.

The online horseshoe cross and heart listings from places like Amazon, Walmart, Temu, etc., show photos of beautiful handcrafted horseshoe crosses taken from real metal artists (not us thankfully), but for a fraction of the price. You're led to believe you're buying that beautiful horseshoe cross, but instead you receive a cheap "DIY" cross made from resin or pot metal, or maybe even a flat metal cutout with the image of the cross from the photos printed on it.

That's when we start getting disgruntled messages from people, who have never interacted with us or purchased from us, asking us how to “assemble” their horseshoe cross. We've also had comments on our Facebook posts accusing us of being a scam. As a small family business, those accusations hurt, and we hate being blamed for the deception by those cheap wholesalers.

Sadly in this case, folks got what they paid for--a cheap, mass-produced item drop shipped from a wholesaler rather than a piece of quality, handcrafted metal art created by a real metal artist.

When you purchase a piece of quality, handcrafted metal art from Main Street Metal Works (MSMW), you're going to get exactly that--a quality, handcrafted piece of art that looks like it did in the photos. ALL of our creations are individually handcrafted and welded by Jason, who is a professional welder and our sole metal artist.

There is NO assembly required on a horseshoe cross and heart purchased/adopted from MSMW, and our crosses are made from repurposed steel horseshoes, just like we say they are!

Don't duped online by those wholesalers claiming to sell beautiful welded horseshoe crosses for a mere $20. Again, quality metal art isn't cheap. You’re going to get what you pay for...

Do your research! It only took me a few moments to find the same horseshoe cross photos being used in a multitude of online listings for varying cheap prices. Read the reviews! Read the product descriptions! Those are your dead giveaways.

I don't have any sage advice on how to shut these wholesalers down, so I'm hoping to raise some awareness. If you did purchase from one of those "too good to be true" listings, take photos of what you receive and screenshots of your order and any communication with the seller, demand a refund, leave a review with those photos, and contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

If you're one of the people who did get duped by that "too good to be true" online listing, Jason would be honored to make a real horseshoe cross just for you, again with no assembly required. Feel free to browse our website, read our different product reviews from real customers, and check out our Facebook page (you'll see a lot of metal art and Luna) to reassure yourself that we're a real business with real metal art.

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  • Sorry such good people with such a nice product have to go through this.

    Peggy Weittenhiller

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