Q: What is flame painting?

Flame painting is an intentional heating/painting of the metal with a torch to bring out a range of colors based on the temperatures reached. The coloring will be different each time, and it is impossible to replicate the coloring of a previous creation.

PLEASE NOTE: The creations shown in our item images are photographed in either natural sunlight or in a professional photo light box, which shows the colors far more than in regular incandescent lighting inside.


Q: I’m interested in this piece. How soon could it be ready?

A majority of our creations are made upon your order with an anticipated 4 week turnaround time for completion, depending on the item and our current order load at the time you place your order, and many of the pictures shown are examples of previous creations. Item descriptions here on our website have the most accurate turnaround time details for that specific piece. If you're needing something sooner, we do have our Immediate Adoption collection of ready made items.


Q: How can I hang my wall art? 

We often get asked how our wall art can be hung or if Jason can add a hanger to the back of it. Jason adds extra effort to keep his welds discreet so the focus is on your piece of art, and the addition of a wall hanger may often be quite visible and take away from the look of the item. We recommend the use of small, discreet finishing nails to hang our wall art, whether you choose to hang it directly on your wall or first mount it to a board or some other crafty thing.


Q: Can I put this item outside? Should I reapply clear coat to my creation?

Yes, while WE may create some of our metal art sculptures with the intent of being displayed indoors, many of our customers love to display them on their patio/porch or in their garden/yard. Be aware that when you put metal outside, no matter how well it is painted or clear coated, you expose it to the elements (oxygen, water, etc.), and the metal will begin to oxidize and rust over time. If you are putting your metal art outside, we recommend an annual reapplication of clear coat to continue to protect it and maintain the longevity of the finish. Feel free to message us for our recommended clear coat.

If you absolutely love the heat/flame painted coloring and/or glossy look on your creation, we highly recommend you keep it indoors to ensure that beautiful coloring and patina lasts. Creations kept indoors should not need clear coat reapplied.


Q: Can Jason make ______ for me?

Ok, so you saw something cool on Pinterest, and now you want to know if Jason can make one for you. We definitely welcome ideas for new creations, of course with Jason's own style and twist, but we can't guarantee Jason will be able to take on the project. Fill out our Custom Creation Inquiry Form, where you can share a picture of your design inspiration, your desired materials, and your budget, and Jason will review it to determine his ability to create your requested design.


Q: Can you repair things?

While Jason has the skills and experience to repair and work with aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel, he is currently not accepting any repair projects.


Q: Do you take custom orders?

Custom orders requests are individually reviewed to determine Jason's capacity and ability to create your requested design within your budget. Please fill out our Custom Creation Inquiry form for Jason to review.


Q: Do you have a showroom or store to see your available items in person?

    Main Street Metal Works is a home-run business, and we both have full-time day jobs, plus a family. We don’t have a showroom or brick and mortar store, but we have an up-to-date Immediate Adoption collection with those items to browse here on our website. But we know that's not the same as getting to see them in person, so we are happy to schedule an appointment for you to see a display of our ready made items.