Our Story







 Just a guy, a gal, and a garage. We are a husband and wife team who create cool metal art in our garage in our “free time”. Main Street Metal Works is not hobby welding or massed-produced pieces by a production team, and this is what sets us apart from other metal artists and makes our pieces special.

We are proud to be a small, local business in the Village of Dane, just north of Madison.

Jason has been a welder since 2005, and pride, care, and personal creativity goes in to each piece he makes, mostly with repurposed or salvaged materials. Jason, the best cat(and now dog) dad ever, has an incredibly creative mind and a funny, semi-socially awkward personality. Have you seen his Brewshoe video?!

Chelsea is the business side of MSMW, with a social personality and a laser-focused, organized nature, and she can often be found nagging Jason to make things.

We are also parents to 3 lovable cats, Zoe, Oscar, and Frankie; a Goldendoodle, Luna; and most importantly, a spunky tween, Penelope.

While we don’t have a physical store or business hours, we are always happy to schedule appointments to show what cool pieces we have ready made and available for immediate adoption.

When you support our small business and adopt one of our pieces, you are also buying a piece of our hearts and souls. Your support allows us to keep doing what we love and expand our business.