Make it Last: How to Clean and Protect Your Metal Art

Cleaning your metal art:

Generally metal art sculptures kept indoors require low maintenance, except for the occasional light dusting to keep dust or cobwebs from gathering. We recommend you use a soft, clean, dry microfiber or dusting cloth to lightly wipe away dust.

To remove residue, can wipe your item down with a soft, damp cloth using water and a drop of dish soap before drying with another soft, clean microfiber cloth. We do not recommend the use of furniture polish/dusting spray, as it may damage the clear coat, leave behind residue, and dull the luster of the finish.

Protecting your metal art sculpture if placed outdoors:

When you put metal outside, you expose it to the elements (oxygen, water, etc.), and the metal WILL eventually oxidize and rust over time. Like death and taxes, rust is inevitable.

Notice, we said "rust over time." All of our creations are clear coated for a glossy, protective finish before they leave our care. Depending on the level of elemental exposure, that protective finish won't wear off for a year or more.

If your metal art sculpture is outdoors and exposed to salt air or frequent rain/snow, we recommend you re-treat it with a spray-on protective clear coat at least once a year. We recommend Rustoleum 2x Gloss Clear spray paint, which can be found at your local hardware store.

You'll want to follow the application instructions on the can, making sure to shake well, apply light coats in a well-ventilated area, and allow adequate dry time in between coats and handling.

If you haven't spray painted before, we suggest you try it out on a piece of cardboard first!

Quick tips for preparing the metal and applying the clear coat:
    • Clean the item with a lint-free cloth. You can also do a quick wipe down with mineral spirits to remove dirt or residue that could prevent the clear coat from adhering to the surface.
    • Protect your work area with a dropcloth (clean cardboard also works well) and lay the sculpture flat.
    • Apply one light application of your clear coat to the exposed surface and allow it to dry.
    • Flip the creation over and apply your clear coat to the opposite side.
    • Repeat the process a second time for added protection.
    • Allow to dry per the instructions on the can before placing back outdoors.
      Remember to repeat once a year to maintain the look and finish of your metal art for years to come. We promise those extra few minutes are worth it!